How many SMS can I sent?

When you subscribe to one of our plans (from $5 to $1000 per month), you receive an amount of SMS credits equal to the plan you select...

Whenever you send an SMS, we increase your monthly credit usage.

Here are the prices per SMS for some common countries (a complete list of prices per country can be found directly within the app):

  • United States: $0.047 / SMS
  • Canada: $0.047 / SMS
  • United Kingdom: $0.080 / SMS
  • France: $0.111 / SMS
  • Australia: $0.098 / SMS
  • India: $0.045 / SMS
  • Japan: $0.115 / SMS
  • South Korea: $0.088 / SMS

As an example: if you are subscribing to the Lite Plan ($10 / month), you will be able to send up to 220 SMS per month to the USA, or around 125 SMS per month to the United Kingdom.

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