How does it compare with Shopify SMS notifications?

Recently, Shopify added SMS notifications as part as their offering. You can learn more by clicking here.

There are several advantages to use the native Shopify SMS features instead of our application:

  • Shopify SMS notifications is entirely free and part of your Shopify monthly subscription.
  • Shopify SMS notification messages are much more customizable: while our application offers a subset of variables, with Shopify SMS notifications you have access to all possible variables and all the power of Liquid templating system.
  • Shopify SMS notifications can be sent on more events than what we offer.

There is, however, one advantage to have our app installed: if the customer has check out using his/her email, enter his/her phone number but didn't fill the case "I want to be notified by SMS", our app will still be able to send SMS in those circumstances. Also, our app is smart enough to detect that it should not send an SMS if it has already been sent by Shopify native system, so you are not charged for not needed SMS.

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