[ADVANCED] How to create my own layout with Section Feed?

Those instructions are targeted to advanced users who have knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. If you need to show the Instagram media in a specific way that is not supported by default, you can reach a development service such as a Shopify Expert.

Section Feed provides a beautiful, customizable section that you can easily drag&drop to your home page. You may, however, want to display them in a completely different way. Section Feed allows you to directly retrieve the information about the Instagram media, so you can display them on your store. Please follow the instructions below:

Install the application from the App Store, and make sure that you have properly linked your Instagram account to the app.

In your JavaScript code, use the following code to retrieve the latest media:

fetch(`https://d3ejra0xbg20rg.cloudfront.net/instagram/media?shop=${Shopify.shop}&resource=default`).then((response) => {
    response.json().then((media) => {
        // media is a json containing the data about the 18 latest media.
You can now create your own HTML code and inject it into the DOM.
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