Will Section Feed slow down my store?

Whenever you install an application to your Shopify store, a small performance hit is incurred, due to the fact that additional code has to be loaded. However, the hit widely depends on the type of app and how the app has been developed. Due to its small scope and optimized code, Section Feed impact on performance is close to zero. Here are the techniques we are using to achieve this result:

  • The usage of JavaScript is reduced to the minimum (our code does not rely on big libraries such as jQuery) by taking advantage of latest browser's technologies.
  • All images are lazy-loaded (currently only available on Chrome, Edge and Firefox, coming soon on Safari!), which means that the Instagram images are not loaded until they are actually visible.
  • Contrary to most Instagram app, Section Feed re-uses the native section concept of Shopify. This means that you can customize the app right into the theme editor, and that the content is already here when your store is loaded.
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